Set you free
Hot hot to hot 80:s mix
The clubguru it´s imposible
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Discover Tommy techno here on the website, here you can find almost everything in music, links to youtub video, free mp3 download, and read about music in general. #tommytechno wish all people welcome here!
Upcoming album is Lounge music and chillout a series of soft and ambient music for those who like to chill out or just lounging on the sofa! Twitter
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New track "set you free" #tommytechno #thetommytechno
Move your body dance 2017
Berlin calling the darkside tommytechno
{ Welcome to 2017 }
Welcome to Tommy techno 2017 a great year
with a strong start, the song "Move Your Body"
a lovely chill dance song that you can play again and again
My baby
My baby Now on Spotify
The Industrial Bunny
The Industrial Bunny by tommytechno The track on spotify
Make the dance
Rocket Launchers
One of many dance tracks on Spotify
The Ufo Arrival
The Ufo Arrival by tommytechno
Come to you
Techno, trance dance tune "come to me baby"
Going Anywhere Baby
Going Anywhere Baby
Top hit on spotify by tommytechno
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Tommytechno? Martin from Sweden love his chillout sound, jess it´s a relaxing sound, just love the Arabian nights CD.
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Good dance music sound from tommytechno

Avicii the Swedish dj star

Avicii the Swedish dj star is out with a new ep Avici.

He tells the press that it is the music and creation that is the most important thing for Avicii.
Avicii’s new ep has six tracks and collaborates with Aluna George, Billy Raffoul, Vargas & Lagola, Sandro Cavazza and Rita Ora.
Avicii will also release a full album in the future, the epic is Aviciis the first music he released since he took a break of everything.


Ozeylaa and tommytechno

tommytechno news i have done a single with my friend Ozeylaa and we have also released a single on Swe chill music.
The first single we released was called “born 2 rule” a reggae song with nice, beat pop friendly radio music.
The other single named “Jah show me” even this is a reggae pop song easysiltening track. ©™

Tommytechno and Ozeylaa on twitter
Twitter: go
Ozeylaa: go


Info about Ozeylaa

It is hard to define Ozeyla or his music: Reggae, Dancehall, Techno-funck, hip-hop, swing, electro, pop, soul?
It is as if choosing one genre would deprive him of all the others as he delves into them with the mastery of art… Like a genius, a contemporary/abstract music legend.
While the quartet remains groovy, it ventures out into daring diverse music arrangements, on which Ozeylaa’s voice navigates like the wailing singer, crooner, spoken word, jazz great that he alternatively is.
A variety of great producers and artiste in Nigeria has recognized Ozeylaa’s music prowess in the likes of Kally Ikpe,
Victor Eriabie. Currently adding the finishing touches to his next EP, Ozeylaa lives in Nigeria.
Promising isn’t it? Email: – blogspot – Tel: 234 808 253 7228 – Soundcloud Twitter


Info about tommytechno

tommytechno on spotify and soundcloud 2017

tommytechno on spotify and soundcloud 2017

I am not looking for fame or something only to fullfill my curiosity of what you can do with music, and the nice beats that can be put together into a beautiful song.
But I take this seriously and work hard to create as good tracks as possible.
My style of music where I’m most proud of are these tracks, i love to do space, dance and house music most.
But sometimes chill tracks are also made, which is probably probably because I like to work with some calm relaxation music in the background.

About my track “move your body”

Move Your Body (Chillout)” By: Tommytechno

TALENT – “Move Your Body (Chillout)” has a solid, upbeat club style techno sound with a great dance groove.  Its groove gives the listener a rave party feel and experience.  The record has a good music format.  Nice change ups and transitions! The drum pattern is basic.  Although, it meshes well with the main groove.   The vocal sample is okay.  It is great for the main song campaign concept and direction.  A singer vocal change would make the record less repetitive.  The records overall sound is up to industry standards.  Very crispy mix and hard hitting master!  Tommytechno is a talented techno/club producer with a good vision within his own signature style.

MARKETABILITY – “Move Your Body (Chillout)” is a marketable record.  This is a very visual record, it has a big sound.  With this song being mainly music and less vocals it will give it an upper hand in gaining major placement via movie soundtracks, film and TV.  It should be copyrighted and registered with a performance rights society like BMI or ASCAP.  The record should be pitched to music supervisors within the film and television industry. Look into companies like MusicClout, PMPWorldwide or Taxi, these agencies are vehicles to getting this record heard by the supervisors that can get it placed in film, movies, video games, etc. Use other outlets to build relationships with music supervisors that will keep you in mind when opportunities arise. Apple music



jah show me reggae

Upcoming ep with Ozeylla and tommytechno will be a reggae releas, do not miss this beautiful reggae song. Feat. Ozeylaa and tommytechno

jah show me reggae

jah show me reggae

Music tommytechno
Cd cover tommyechno


Reggaeton is a genre which originated in puertorico during the late 1990s and influenced by a lots of genres like, hip hop, latin and caribbean style.

Vocal is most in spanish and one of the big stars is Daddy yankee the king of Reggeatón.

The charts includes Don Oma´rs whit angelito topped the billboard latin rhytm radio chart 2006 and was a big hit. In june 2007 Daddy Yankee’s El Cartel III: The Big Boss set a first-week sales record for a reggaeton album, with 88,000 copies sold. Read moore on wikipedia. I will release one new track next week cald Reggaeton. Don´t miss it it´s a good track!

Daddy yankee

Daddy yankee

Berlin minimal

Ditto music playlist

Starting today to add my edm list of new tracks “berlin minimal” style
First track on the way is Berlin calling the darkside tommytechno

Berlin calling the darkside tommytechno

Berlin calling the darkside tommytechno