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New release

New trance song today “Give me trance fellas” now onall online stores, by tommytechno 2016-09-22
welcome to spotify and have a good time!



Tommy techno

tommytechno and tommy techno o to separate artists on the webb today!
tommytechno is a Music producer and tommy techno is a DJ!



tommytechno releases and other frome Tommy Hammarsten who is a Swedish photographer who works professionally. Mail: foretagimar@gmail.com  Mobil: +460762927690


Franc Ocean

has released his new album blond , a couple of lovely songs of course. Nike is a great song with a little veard voice toppings though. Pink + White a good one mabe the best!  The song Ivy, however, comfortable and with Frank’s own voice that we love of course. Listen to it on Spotify today!