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Many are called but few are chosen. Bob Dylan singing “Blowing in the Wind”. He receives the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Right or wrong .Geniuses
speculate. Long and faithful service.

A new star is lit, this close to Christmas.

Tommy Hammarsten

Verified on Spotify.

It’s what I call respect.

Tommy’ll have to wait a few years before the Nobel committee discover him.

But he is actually.
Alive and kicking.
Tommy deliver world class.

Avicii is history.

Now it’s Tommy Techno.

Många är kallade men få utvalda. Bob Dylan sjunger “Blowing in the wind”. Han får Nobels litteraturpris. Rätt eller fel. Snillen spekulerar. Lång och trogen tjänst. En ny stjärna är tänd så här nära juletid. Tommy Hammarsten Verifierad på SPOTIFY. Det kallar jag respekt. Tommy får nog vänta några år på att Nobel skall upptäcka honom. Men han finns faktiskt. Alive and kicking. Tommy levererar världsklass. Avici kan slänga sig i väggen. Nu är det TommyTechno som gäller.


Fan Insights

Fan Insights
Fan Insights

Fan Insights


Great to see where people listen to tommytechno, now that Spotify with its new Fan Insight page, where you can see where people play music of tommytechno.
in the following country people listen its greate>

United States, Brazil, Canada, Iceland, Portugal, Spain, United kingdom, finland, norway, sweden, Ireland, Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Phillippines, Japan and more just lovely keep on follow and listening.

Go and follow tommytechno today>Here

have a ball

New Hip Hop Song inspired in Gothenburg 2016 in the early morning our

New Hip Hop Song inspired in Gothenburg 2016 in the early morning our.
soon in stores and on Spotify in one week maby

 New Hip Hop Song inspired in Gothenburg 2016 in the early morning our

New Hip Hop Song inspired in Gothenburg 2016 in the early morning our have a ball, cover tommytechno and martin pung!

Artist Verification

Artist Verification

Soon my Spotify page in the order.I Have not had time to fix the Verified Page but now its on the way, just a month to wait still. But  my face up now!

Artist Verification

tommytechno on Spotify



New singel on the way >love and hate
Until listen to> i don´t care


News from tommytechno

2016-10-07 New releases from tommytechno on the way to stores, Itunes, spotify and moore.

1.Love and Hate(house)

2:i don´t care (house)

Music and covers by tommytechno 2016

i don´t care

i don´t care

Love and hate

Love and hate

House music

is a genre of electronic dance music created by club DJs and music producers that originated in Chicago in the early 1980s. Early house music was generally dance-based music characterized by repetitive 4/4 beats, rhythms mainly provided by drum machines,[17] off-beat hi-hat cymbals, and synthesized basslines. While house displayed several characteristics similar to disco music, it was more electronic and minimalistic,[17] and the repetitive rhythm of house was more important than the song itself. House music initially became popular in Chicago clubs in 1984, pioneered by figures such as Frankie Knuckles, Phuture, and Mr. Fingers, and was associated with African-American and gay subcultures. House music quickly spread to other American cities such as Detroit, New York City, Baltimore, and Newark – all of which developed their own regional scenes. In the mid-to-late 1980s, house music became popular in Europe as well as major cities in South America, and Australia.[18] Wikipedia

Tommytechno chillout and house producer from sweden, go to spotify

tombana technorama panorama

tombana technorama panorama


Chillout tropical movement

New release 2016-10-05 Chillout tropical movement style a new chill album for relax and chill in soffa.
Chil is a subgenre of electronic music and several styles. The style emerged in early and mid-1990s in chill rooms at dance clubs around the world.
Chill-out artist: Moby, Air, tommytechno, paul Kalkbrenner and Moonbootica.
Club culture surronding chill-out music has evolved with bars and clubs designed with a retro-futuristic feeling devoted to the genre.