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tommytechno is also a photographer and works with digital art, you can see his wor on his website at fine art america.

New serie cald tunnelvision in color by tommytechno 2017 a abstract feeling


My inspiration varies from day to day, but also on the time of year, now at the spring there will be a lot of flowers.
Macro photography can i never get enough of, insects, and flowers will be beautiful with a little paint and bokhe.

Techno minimal

 tech minimal mix tommytechno 2017

tech minimal mix tommytechno 2017

Today released my second album tech minimal mix on distro kid
DistroKid is a service for musicians thatputs your music into online stores and streaming services.
Then When people listen to your music, we’ll send you money.


Berlin Minimal techno

Berlin Minimal techno by tommytechno origins, Early 1990s, Detroit, Michigan, USA, Berlin. Typical instruments, Keyboard, synthesizer, drum machine, sequencer, sampler new track now on Spotify by tommytechno 2017.
tommytechno an artist from sweden



Just go techno minimal

Minimal Techno is a subgenre to techno and i love it ofcorse.
My new album “Berlin minimal Deep Techno” has a few voices as well i the track “just go