If you are an artist or like to create, it’s hard for some to understand what you are doing and what you want with your talent.
You may just love to create music, photography, or a painting in oil, your way of getting what’s going on in your body and mind.
Not everyone who has this talent, it should be taken care of whatever you want to create and makes you happy, and makes you feel good, but also makes a balance in your mind.

Some can write texts about what’s happening in one’s life, or the pain that you’ve just been with, everything ends up in a beautifully written text.
I started with photography many years ago. It became a healing process in my body and mind, i got air, and beautiful nature, and a glow for many years that turned into thousands of pictures.

Today, ten years later, I started with music, so much fun and so much fun to create something you can listen to, or rest and dig to and mabe dance two as well.
Now, I understand other people’s endeavors in a different way, understand the driving force, and what it’s like to strive for more, more balance and more joy, or just maybe want to create something that wants out of your mind. What a big thing, I think and a great gift.

My name is tommy and i am from sweden, love photography, musik, kids, love, and so mutch moore, my name online and my music i producing in several categories is.
tommytechno, Dj tomsten and dj chillout master.