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tommytechno is a music producer and digital art 2016 artist from sweden. He is also a photographer for United Photo Press


Premiere for my latest song “Ginko” a lovely fresh dance song. Are you hoping for it and having an earlovemotion for a while?
Best Dj tomsten and tommytechno 2018 the beat must go on and on…

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New video for you it´s just to listen to not to see not so good video just for the musik hope you like it,
best Dj tomsten and tommytechno Copyright © 2018 tommy hammarsten tombstone record


Soon a god dance track by Dj tomsten and tommytechno, pure digital all of it.
“Ginko” a digital dance track lots of bass it´s a fridayparty track like my old
Party party party track, now i will release this track on all online stores and on
youtube as well just for you out there. Peace and love and dance and kisse and take my hand
and feel the beat and just move and keep on doing it.bass..drums..ginko..pads..bass…ginko…

#fridaydance #saturdayshoptrack #nodyourheadtrack #letsfaceitisgood #startmoveyourbody #hehehehahahalovethis #ginkoginkoginko #whatisitabout
#mondayfresh #cant #whant #no #yes #playit

ginko tracj by djtomsten and tommytechno