My choice is Distro Kid

So you’ve finally decided to distribute your music, to finally release the music you’ve created.
And now you have to decide what online distributor you will choose!

My choice is Distro Kid!
I have distributed my music for Distro Kid for several years and I am very pleased.

Distro Kid has 100,000+ customers in his company of musicians, not bad, feels safe and good!


Now it’s time to sign you and start your musical journey!
We start by showing the prices that suit everyone’s wallet.

  • 1 artist or band name – $19.99/year
  • 2 artist or band names – $35.99/year
  • 3 5+ artist & band names $79.99/year

Online store



Other see the here


Who gets the money I earned?
Yes, you’ll keep it all after you’ve paid your annual sum of money.
If you bet on the cheapest at $ 19.99 / year then you can upload unlimited albums and songs for ayear super nice yes!
It will be a delay of about 2-3 months from the story, so bee patience.

100% of your royalties are paid monthly.
You can also upload a cover song you made legally, absolutely amazing
time to start producing music now and get some creativity from their system!
50 best cover songs ever

Daily stats

You can track statistics and see how many people listened to your songs you uploaded.
Also, how many songs are purchased on, for example, Itunes.

Yes there are, among other things, Ludacris, Megan, Justin bomb, Rob Scallon, Buck Nasty, Ari Herstand,
Emma-Lee, tommytechno, Zach Marsh and Anthony Vincent

Time to sign up

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