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New house track “rules in da house” Enjoy Best Dj tomsten

Yes, finally, it’s out DJ’s new single “party party party” with lovely tough drums and sounds from ghost chack that’s amazingly good fx sound.

A bit tougher song than i usually do but this song is an exception, it makes you want to move your body and head especially in the car a real hard hitting song that makes you want to jump and bounce.
Feels a bit like a floorfiller song actually with a nice mix of electronic beats and ruff drums. The voice became a perfect mix and became the very essence of the song together with the hard drums. Hope you will really like and spread this song all over the world smile … best DJ Tomsten and tommytechno.

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Yes it’s on finally new release by tommytechno and DJ tomsten, collaboration together, they will create new beautiful hits in the trance dance spirit welcome to us online.
Working on some acid music  dance/house sounds that i will release in 2018 lots of drums and bass. Download a full track today!  Finally my latest “Autoban The highway” online for you Kraftwerk lovers!

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“Indian scream” a trance / dance song to dig to with a lovely female voice is first trance track out by DJ tomsten and tommytechno toghether.
Hope you love it best tommytechno and DJ tomsten 2018.

Second track it´s a Kraftwerk mix by DJ tomsten and tommytechno


Third track is a pop/dance track “Happy”