Justin Bomb video

My friend Justin Bomb

TALENT – “Get On Your Feet”  by Justin Bomb has an upbeat, dance pop, EDM sound. It has a techno style synth melody build.
The music composition has a creative transition build up. Catchy production sound selection!
The drum pattern is energetic, it brings out the main melody. “Get On Your Feet” has a nice dance style percussion groove.
The vocal performance is passionate, Justin Bomb gave a vibrant delivery.
Nice vocal control and wide range. The lyrics are strong, melodic and soulful.
They are catchy and relatable to a specific genre.
Get oldshool video made by Faelcon


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Good concept and nice job keeping the record on topic.
The main chorus really adds depth to the record.
The song format is solid, good verse to chorus change ups.
The overall sound is up to industry standards, good mix and master.

Justin Bomb is a talented music composer and talented singer songwriter.
He has a fresh dance pop sound! MARKETABILITY – “Get On Your Feet” has a marketable sound.

A&R team, Got That Music LLC Records/All Purpose Music Group LLC