Tommytechno and Dj tomsten 2018

lateste about tommytechno is he changes name to Dj tomsten which is a more suitable name,
first name and last name, new to summer, Dj tomsten  works a lot with his portofolio and releases a series of
EP singles with a little more house influenced music and minimal techno

Dj tomsten At a young age, he was constantly turning in vinyl slopes, at payday and looking for new music, with pop and techno music as the greatest love, from Michael Jackson to Eiffel 65, Soft Cell, Ultravox, Simple Minds, Sparks, Tears for fear, Yazoo, Alphaville, David Bowie, Jean Michael Jarre, Kraftwer were some of the influences that came to reflect in his chasing of today’s beats to make some good tracks.

Today, in 2018, beats have taken over instead of all exploration in infinite lines of singles and LPs, it’s like a poison saying Dj tomsten, can not stop producing new music, feels like the same feeling as when i found that awesome EP in the store From before, the same feeling when you make a new single, says Dj tomsten with a smile on the cheek.

Dj Tomsten started music 2015 to get something else to do besides shooting all the time, he shot thousands of photos during his most active period around ten years. Began to work with beats, and felt that it was a good way to go from photography to music.