Tommytechno works today with his new artist Justin Bomb, who will deliver pop / dance music.
The genre becomes dance and pop tracks that we will publish in the coming season, the first single
“devotion to my baby” has soon been played 200,000 times on Spotify not bad when Justin Bomb is a completely new artist and not published or promoted anywhere in the world !

On Spotify welcome

Welcome to Justin Bomb’s website, here you can see and get your way to all my music, youtub,  Itunes, spotify and moore online stores.

Started to collaborate with DJ hammarsten and tommytechno a few years ago with various music and moore, then we decided to release music with me as an artist.
Justin Bomb will only let go singles it’s his signum, no album.
Our first single Devotion to my babe is a pop / dance track and we will release mixed pop and techno dance music.

The idea of our project is to have fun and produce all-round music that we like and of course, we hope that my audience will enjoy songs too.
Have a good day now and do not forget to follow me on Spotify and Twitter best Justin.

Chill & Tropical house 2017 welcome to tommytechno3.

Music artist and producer of techno, trance, house, dance and chillout music.
Tropical Chill is a mix of lounge and chill music.

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New Year 2017 Chill Out Mix – Best of Deep House Tropical House & Chill Out music 2017
Best Deep House of Popular Songs 2016 – 2017

tommytechno Works with both graphics and music. Downloads
He is a photographer for United  Photo
tommytechno5 produces techno,  chill music and house music.
He lives in Sweden whit his son Vincent
you can follow him  on Spotify


If you want to listen to my songs as they come up on iTunes earlier
on Spotify, so check out my iTunes list here.

tommytechno on iTunes

tommytechno 2016



Vincent son 2016

Vincent is also a model, and shoot for
Dreamtime stock photo exlusive.
tommytechno7 sometimes use Vincent on his CD covers.


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Photo of the latest exhibition United Photo Press in Setubal “faces” 2017 photo by tommytechno8