Is your song good?
You can do a Review of your track
The advantage of this is that you get an honest answer on what your music stands.
The disadvantage can also be beneficial to you.
Perhaps you need to look over and make a change in your music so it’s getting better, see it as a good boost for your future as a musician.


Move Your Body (Chillout)” By: Tommytechno

TALENT – “Move Your Body (Chillout)” has a solid, upbeat club style techno sound with a great dance groove.  Its groove gives the listener a rave party feel and experience.  The record has a good music format.  Nice change ups and transitions! The drum pattern is basic.  Although, it meshes well with the main groove.   The vocal sample is okay.  It is great for the main song campaign concept and direction.  A singer vocal change would make the record less repetitive.  The records overall sound is up to industry standards.  Very crispy mix and hard hitting master!  Tommytechno is a talented techno/club producer with a good vision within his own signature style.

MARKETABILITY – “Move Your Body (Chillout)” is a marketable record.  This is a very visual record, it has a big sound.  With this song being mainly music and less vocals it will give it an upper hand in gaining major placement via movie soundtracks, film and TV.  It should be copyrighted and registered with a performance rights society like BMI or ASCAP.  The record should be pitched to music supervisors within the film and television industry. Look into companies like MusicClout, PMPWorldwide or Taxi, these agencies are vehicles to getting this record heard by the supervisors that can get it placed in film, movies, video games, etc. Use other outlets to build relationships with music supervisors that will keep you in mind when opportunities arise.