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Welcome to tommytechno and dj tomsten music world. New tracks in new packaging, we move forward with new swinging beats and sound for you all music lovers. Twitter
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New track "I am the duck" #tommytechno #thetommytechno and Dj tomsten
Bang the beat Dj tomsten and tommytechno
Computer a track like kraftwerk by dj tomsten
{ Welcome to 2017 }
Welcome to Tommy techno 2017 a great year
with a strong start, the song "Move Your Body"
a lovely chill dance song that you can play again and again
Dance tecnician dance
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The Industrial Bunny
The Industrial Bunny by tommytechno The track on spotify
Make the dance
Rocket Launchers
One of many dance tracks on Spotify
The Ufo Arrival
The Ufo Arrival by tommytechno
Obscure downfall
Techno, trance dance tune
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Here we go life
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Tommytechno? Martin from Sweden love his chillout sound, jess it´s a relaxing sound, just love the Arabian nights CD.
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Good dance music sound from tommytechno


It has become a delay of music from the distributor, but it’s about to be done soon.and new releases about 16 track will be online.
So darklight will be a fit to this problem and delay best tommytechno


Who does not remember old Kraftwerk the German group from Düsseldorf in West Germany formed by Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider in 1970. Some of their famous songs are “Autobahn”, “Radio-Activity”, “Trans Europe Express”, “The Model” , “The Robots” but the younger generation may not know them when the music genre has changed radically over the years.

Well, maybe I was not that big admirer but liked some of their techno songs that have been remixed in several versions “Computer love, The model” are some great songs that still work.
This is my version of Cancer Works music now only on video, but soon on Spotify and Itunes.
Detta är min version av Kreftwerks musik finns nu endast som video, men snart på Spotify and Itunes.