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Hello and welcome to my website i am tommutechno and love to make new music.

If you have been here before so take a look, here you can discover most of music oah different genres,

and listen to my techno music and other stuff i made true the years and that’s a lot so take your time, best tommytechno

Ultimate Fitness PT.2

On the way to the online stores Ultimate Fitness Part.2

Recomended track “the dousch dance” track a brostep/pop song.
The album have 127-140 bpm easy techno/pop/edm.
I have combined several different genres, EDM, Brostep, techno, disco, hiphop.
to get the best feeling. Twitter you can see one of the track below
in a video clip from youtube.




Party megamix on youtube

Party Club megamix hits by tommytechno 2017 – 36:13 min

1. Blowing Snow
2. Get the Party Started Clap Clap Clap
3. Hardcore Hardcore Dancing
4. I Am in the Finals Girls
5. Liquid Sky Is Falling Down
6. Mashout You Now It Boy
7. Prodigation Diggers Snap
8. In the Beat Steet
9. The Disco Lover Stumble
10. Take Me to the Edge Sons

New release

Tanz Nacht Music new ep two tracks different rpm one for radio and one for the dancfloor. Welcom and listen on Spotify today 127 bpm is the best some good movements on the dancefloor. Little german vocal in the mix.

tanz nacht music

technologic world


Techno dance hit by tommytechno 2016  “technologic world”
from the fortkomming album apollo16 tommytechno plays  most played tracks in Techno  this week on spotify