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Dance music is music composed specifically to facilitate or accompany dancing. It can be either a whole musical piece or part of a larger musical arrangement.

Club feeling

Back in time to the club feeling 1999 to 2009 a music trip.

Inspired by Defected clubland adventures.
To mention – Dajae, bob sinclar, michael gray, lisa milett, dj spen, crapiccio, ron hall, sandy riviera, lt brown, gregor salto, chus & penn, mr gee, outwork,manjama, dennis ferrer, the latin hooligans, md x-press, maec evans, syndicated people, julien jarre, jonh dahlbäck, smokin jo, ame, tommytechno, the muthafunkaz, chocolate puma, baggi begovic, atcf, miki moto, simon dunmore.

New single on the way

Some new beautiful pop / edm songs on their way to all online stores.

Very good singles this a nice mix of drums and all-round music. So soon they will be able to listen, usually come to iTunes, since Spotify, promotion in the United States on those tracks will be hard to judge which one is the best. Please feel free to comment on what you like best. Mvh tommytechno!


tommy new track by tommytechno 2017 music and voice

Then is time to release my new track “tommy” here you can here my own voice to.
I think I was doing well with eko in the song!
This track was a tryout to get my own voice in my tracks in a good way,
i Think it Went well hope you liked it best tommytechno!

tommy new track by tommytechno 2017 music and voice

“tommy! new track by tommytechno 2017 music and voice

all ©™ rights and Music by tommytechno 2017, vocals by tommytechno, track by tommytechno, cover by tommytechno Pictures frome pixabay love them!

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Website music: tommytechno.se
Spotify: Website spotify

the yoodler

New track by tommytechno "the yoodler" house and dance tune

New track by tommytechno “the yoodler” house and dance style.
It´s about repetition and love of th drums!


New track by tommytechno "the yoodler" house and dance tune

New track by tommytechno “the yoodler” house and dance tune

Hip hop

New Hip/Hop  track on the way to online stores, and Spotify
“take over the world” new hip hop by tommytechno
Music and cover by tommytechno 2017 follow on Twitter for moore news


My girls at the club a new release by tommytechno a easy listening dance track.
music and all by tommytechno 2017 hope you like this track!
The best regards tommytechno

Ultimate Fitness PT.2

On the way to the online stores Ultimate Fitness Part.2

Recomended track “the dousch dance” track a brostep/pop song.
The album have 127-140 bpm easy techno/pop/edm.
I have combined several different genres, EDM, Brostep, techno, disco, hiphop.
to get the best feeling. Twitter you can see one of the track below
in a video clip from youtube.





New track on the way to stores it´s a remix lots of sound.

A techno dance track with a lot of noice.
Inspired by techno and dance music.
next week a brostep Future garage; post-dubstep; brostep; trap. Fusion genres.
CEDM. Other topics. List of musicians · drumstep · dubstyle. Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in South London, England.
Read moore wikipedia

track by tommytechno 2017

Time to Start Time to get fit

This month i will release some new tracks, fast and good fitness / gym sound.

I will mix different styles in this album, Brostep, dance, house and techno.


ultimate fitness part II

Fitness and Dance compilation By tommytechno

This is the best speed and pumping tracks at least 127-140 bpm to all fitness and dance people around the world by thetommytechno in the gym, to dance, to fitness, to make your body fit. To all spring lover who will start to burn fat and get in shape for the summer it´s time to start to get fit.


fluffy video by tommytechno 2017 welcome

Latest video the best Dance Music Videos – Listen to new songs  by tommytechno 2017 “fluffy” dance track minimal tech mix. Hope you like it and havd a good dance time!

fluffy video by tommytechno 2017 welcome

fluffy video by tommytechno 2017 welcome

copyrights © tommytechno 2017



" I owe you" a house/dance/rap track by tommytechno

On the way to stores online Today> “I owe you” a house / dance / rap track, lots of drums and bass, techno producer tommytechno, tommytechno CD cover 2016

 " I owe you" a house/dance/rap track by tommytechno

” I owe you” a house/dance/rap track by tommytechno 2016