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Upcoming tracks

Run a wave of fitness and workout songs, soon for your on spotify and all online stores, best Dj tomsten and tommytechno 2018

Ultimate Fitness PT.2

On the way to the online stores Ultimate Fitness Part.2

Recomended track “the dousch dance” track a brostep/pop song.
The album have 127-140 bpm easy techno/pop/edm.
I have combined several different genres, EDM, Brostep, techno, disco, hiphop.
to get the best feeling. Twitter you can see one of the track below
in a video clip from youtube.




New video

A dance track and fitness track 2017 by #thetommytechno

This is my latest track in the fitness and dance genre hope you like it!
“The brostepper” by tommytechno 2017 copy ©

some famous guys in Brostep is Skrillex read more on wikipedia