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Upcoming tracks

Run a wave of fitness and workout songs, soon for your on spotify and all online stores, best Dj tomsten and tommytechno 2018

New track fitness and dance

New EDM / fitness track this week with a very pumping bass
Edm music is hard to make, because I do not like the style, but have tried,  with this song, release this week,  on spotify, itunes and moore…

Ultimate Fitness PT.2

On the way to the online stores Ultimate Fitness Part.2

Recomended track “the dousch dance” track a brostep/pop song.
The album have 127-140 bpm easy techno/pop/edm.
I have combined several different genres, EDM, Brostep, techno, disco, hiphop.
to get the best feeling. Twitter you can see one of the track below
in a video clip from youtube.





New track on the way to stores it´s a remix lots of sound.

A techno dance track with a lot of noice.
Inspired by techno and dance music.
next week a brostep Future garage; post-dubstep; brostep; trap. Fusion genres.
CEDM. Other topics. List of musicians · drumstep · dubstyle. Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in South London, England.
Read moore wikipedia

track by tommytechno 2017

Fitness and Dance compilation By tommytechno

This is the best speed and pumping tracks at least 127-140 bpm to all fitness and dance people around the world by thetommytechno in the gym, to dance, to fitness, to make your body fit. To all spring lover who will start to burn fat and get in shape for the summer it´s time to start to get fit.