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tommytechno on spotify and soundcloud 2017

Hiphop music love it but i was better back in the day or?

The music genre is a beautiful mix of rap, a rhythmic and rhyming word art.
Rim and beats that’s the thing and we love it, One of the great people in the hip hop development was Afrika bambaataa, which started as DJ at block party back in the days.

Difficult to say exactly who is the best but some to mention over the years are, 2pac, Notorious B.I.G, Drake, Eminem which became great through MTv era.
Today, Kanye West runs hard as both vocalist and producer, and has mixed mes bla, jay-z, fiasco, Rihanna and many more.
So i have made a few tracks on the way to all online stores this is one of them i like a lot!
best tommytechno!

Hip hop

New Hip/Hop  track on the way to online stores, and Spotify
“take over the world” new hip hop by tommytechno
Music and cover by tommytechno 2017 follow on Twitter for moore news


New Hiphop singel 2016 on the way to the top on tommytechnos playlist 2017

Just love this simple track can be a  big hit online!