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Hello and welcome to my website i am tommutechno and love to make new music.

If you have been here before so take a look, here you can discover most of music oah different genres,

and listen to my techno music and other stuff i made true the years and that’s a lot so take your time, best tommytechno

Tecno genre

Explore the techno genre music on tommytechnos webbsite.
The genre is big and a lots of different styles, i like and makes Berlin Minimal techno.
Try iy out.

Detroit · Acid · Minimal
Deep · Progressive · Hard · Tech · Deep · Garage · Eurodance · Jpop
Melodisk · Progressiv · Goa · Psykadelisk · Hard
Elektropop · UK Garage
Jungle · Drum and bass
Gabber · Rave · Trancecore · Happy · Speedcore


fluffy video by tommytechno 2017 welcome

Latest video the best Dance Music Videos – Listen to new songs  by tommytechno 2017 “fluffy” dance track minimal tech mix. Hope you like it and havd a good dance time!

fluffy video by tommytechno 2017 welcome

fluffy video by tommytechno 2017 welcome

copyrights © tommytechno 2017


Techno minimal

 tech minimal mix tommytechno 2017

tech minimal mix tommytechno 2017

Today released my second album tech minimal mix on distro kid
DistroKid is a service for musicians thatputs your music into online stores and streaming services.
Then When people listen to your music, we’ll send you money.