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Hello and welcome to my website i am tommutechno and love to make new music.

If you have been here before so take a look, here you can discover most of music oah different genres,

and listen to my techno music and other stuff i made true the years and that’s a lot so take your time, best tommytechno

New single on the way

Some new beautiful pop / edm songs on their way to all online stores.

Very good singles this a nice mix of drums and all-round music. So soon they will be able to listen, usually come to iTunes, since Spotify, promotion in the United States on those tracks will be hard to judge which one is the best. Please feel free to comment on what you like best. Mvh tommytechno!

New tommytechno album 2017

tweak yhe caspa a techno and dance album by tommytechno 2017

Starting today with my new album “Tweak Yhe Caspa” a techno / dance album.

Tommytechno a Swedish music producer who experiment with different genres.
Started to produce music in 2015 just for fun, but it was the start of tommytecno and his music for online listeners.
Mix of different styles and genres to a good and simple song.
Genres>2step, artic dubstep, electro, post dubstep, techno, trance
Listen to a track on Soundcloud

Mobil: 076 – 292 76 90
Website: Go
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Soundcloud: Go


tweak yhe caspa a techno and dance album by tommytechno 2017

“tweak yhe caspa” a techno and dance album by tommytechno 2017


New track on the way to stores it´s a remix lots of sound.

A techno dance track with a lot of noice.
Inspired by techno and dance music.
next week a brostep Future garage; post-dubstep; brostep; trap. Fusion genres.
CEDM. Other topics. List of musicians · drumstep · dubstyle. Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in South London, England.
Read moore wikipedia

track by tommytechno 2017

Time to Start Time to get fit

This month i will release some new tracks, fast and good fitness / gym sound.

I will mix different styles in this album, Brostep, dance, house and techno.


ultimate fitness part II

Tecno genre

Explore the techno genre music on tommytechnos webbsite.
The genre is big and a lots of different styles, i like and makes Berlin Minimal techno.
Try iy out.

Detroit · Acid · Minimal
Deep · Progressive · Hard · Tech · Deep · Garage · Eurodance · Jpop
Melodisk · Progressiv · Goa · Psykadelisk · Hard
Elektropop · UK Garage
Jungle · Drum and bass
Gabber · Rave · Trancecore · Happy · Speedcore

Techno minimal

 tech minimal mix tommytechno 2017

tech minimal mix tommytechno 2017

Today released my second album tech minimal mix on distro kid
DistroKid is a service for musicians thatputs your music into online stores and streaming services.
Then When people listen to your music, we’ll send you money.


Just go techno minimal

Minimal Techno is a subgenre to techno and i love it ofcorse.
My new album “Berlin minimal Deep Techno” has a few voices as well i the track “just go

technologic world


Techno dance hit by tommytechno 2016  “technologic world”
from the fortkomming album apollo16 tommytechno plays  most played tracks in Techno  this week on spotify


Colder then ice

Colder then ice a dance tune by tommytechno trance/techno sound.
Cd cover by tommytechno 2016, musik by tommytechno 2016.