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Tommytechno (Musikartist) fucking amazing on drum & bass
Låtar: Slide Guitar Train, Turn Left Turn Right, Dub Dub, Day Six
Album: Carpe Diem, Swe Chill 18, Evening Chill, Arabian Night


Who does not remember old Kraftwerk the German group from Düsseldorf in West Germany formed by Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider in 1970. Some of their famous songs are “Autobahn”, “Radio-Activity”, “Trans Europe Express”, “The Model” , “The Robots” but the younger generation may not know them when the music genre has changed radically over the years.

Well, maybe I was not that big admirer but liked some of their techno songs that have been remixed in several versions “Computer love, The model” are some great songs that still work.
This is my version of Cancer Works music now only on video, but soon on Spotify and Itunes.
Detta är min version av Kreftwerks musik finns nu endast som video, men snart på Spotify and Itunes.


Hello and welcome to my website i am tommutechno and love to make new music.

If you have been here before so take a look, here you can discover most of music oah different genres,

and listen to my techno music and other stuff i made true the years and that’s a lot so take your time, best tommytechno

New single on the way

Some new beautiful pop / edm songs on their way to all online stores.

Very good singles this a nice mix of drums and all-round music. So soon they will be able to listen, usually come to iTunes, since Spotify, promotion in the United States on those tracks will be hard to judge which one is the best. Please feel free to comment on what you like best. Mvh tommytechno!


jah show me reggae

Upcoming ep with Ozeylla and tommytechno will be a reggae releas, do not miss this beautiful reggae song. Feat. Ozeylaa and tommytechno

jah show me reggae

jah show me reggae

Music tommytechno
Cd cover tommyechno