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Tommytechno (Musikartist) fucking amazing on drum & bass
Låtar: Slide Guitar Train, Turn Left Turn Right, Dub Dub, Day Six
Album: Carpe Diem, Swe Chill 18, Evening Chill, Arabian Night


Hello and welcome to my website i am tommutechno and love to make new music.

If you have been here before so take a look, here you can discover most of music oah different genres,

and listen to my techno music and other stuff i made true the years and that’s a lot so take your time, best tommytechno

New single on the way

Some new beautiful pop / edm songs on their way to all online stores.

Very good singles this a nice mix of drums and all-round music. So soon they will be able to listen, usually come to iTunes, since Spotify, promotion in the United States on those tracks will be hard to judge which one is the best. Please feel free to comment on what you like best. Mvh tommytechno!


jah show me reggae

Upcoming ep with Ozeylla and tommytechno will be a reggae releas, do not miss this beautiful reggae song. Feat. Ozeylaa and tommytechno

jah show me reggae

jah show me reggae

Music tommytechno
Cd cover tommyechno


This picture most downloaded on pixabay 898 times took it last summer.
I love this Pictures lots of black in it, and the Power of Music.

photography by tommytechno Spotify

Party megamix on youtube

Party Club megamix hits by tommytechno 2017 – 36:13 min

1. Blowing Snow
2. Get the Party Started Clap Clap Clap
3. Hardcore Hardcore Dancing
4. I Am in the Finals Girls
5. Liquid Sky Is Falling Down
6. Mashout You Now It Boy
7. Prodigation Diggers Snap
8. In the Beat Steet
9. The Disco Lover Stumble
10. Take Me to the Edge Sons


tommytechno on soundcloud the hits

The most played tracks in Techno on SoundCloud this week is tommytechno
welcome and follow his list of techno and dance hots.

soundcloud tommytechno

Soundcloud (i marknadsföringssammanhang ofta skrivet SoundCloud) är en onlineplattform för distribution av ljud, främst musik (eng: sound) via datormoln (eng: cloud).

Företaget grundades av svenskarna Alexander Ljung, ljuddesigner som läst medieteknik på KTH, och elektronisk musik-artisten Eric Wahlforss. Företaget startades 2007 och huvudkontoret låg tidigare i Stockholm, men flyttade till Berlin, “för att hitta en lokal musikscen som ligger mer centralt i Europa“, enligt Ljung.[1][2]

Till skillnad från konkurrenten Myspace kan ljud laddas upp via en URL. Man kan via Soundcloud dela ljud till andra sajter, som Facebook och Twitter. Ljudklippen, som visas i vågform, går att kommentera vid en exakt position. Wiki



tommytechno is also a photographer and works with digital art, you can see his wor on his website at fine art america.

New serie cald tunnelvision in color by tommytechno 2017 a abstract feeling


My inspiration varies from day to day, but also on the time of year, now at the spring there will be a lot of flowers.
Macro photography can i never get enough of, insects, and flowers will be beautiful with a little paint and bokhe.

House music

is a genre of electronic dance music created by club DJs and music producers that originated in Chicago in the early 1980s. Early house music was generally dance-based music characterized by repetitive 4/4 beats, rhythms mainly provided by drum machines,[17] off-beat hi-hat cymbals, and synthesized basslines. While house displayed several characteristics similar to disco music, it was more electronic and minimalistic,[17] and the repetitive rhythm of house was more important than the song itself. House music initially became popular in Chicago clubs in 1984, pioneered by figures such as Frankie Knuckles, Phuture, and Mr. Fingers, and was associated with African-American and gay subcultures. House music quickly spread to other American cities such as Detroit, New York City, Baltimore, and Newark – all of which developed their own regional scenes. In the mid-to-late 1980s, house music became popular in Europe as well as major cities in South America, and Australia.[18] Wikipedia

Tommytechno chillout and house producer from sweden, go to spotify

tombana technorama panorama

tombana technorama panorama


New releases 206

New releases before holiday on the way to the stores!
Have a good holiday! Best regards tommytechno 2016

  • Back to Jamaica (Dance)
  • Dance All Night Mr Dj (Reggae)
  • Street Guys Vice (Hiphop)
  • On the Street Come Again (Reggae)
  • The Walkman (Edm)
  • Breath in Breath Out Money (Hiphop)
  • Did It for Show (Hiphop)
  • Working Moving (Hiphop)
  • Blackout It´s amnesia (hiphop)
  • Frozen It´s ice cold (hiphop)
  • The French Boy Part II (Hiphop)
  • Rockthehouse (Dance)
  • Official Yes It Thru (Hiphop)
  • The Good Girl Is First
  • Put Your Hands Up (Chill Out)