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Welcome tommytechno and Dj tomsten

I have a new good tracks for you it´s a pop chillout track and trance music.
This is one of many tracks i released and it´s a pop sax chillout track, hope your like it an keep on follow me.
best tommytechno and DJ tomsten.

Today we release a new track trance/dance/hiphop music style a mix of all this styles.
see you soon whit new tracks pumping out good tracks now for you!

Also listen to my latest songs in this spotify list below


tommytechno is a Swedish music producer who has released singles and albums since 2015. He mixes and produces a mix of pop house music genre in a beautiful drums style.

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New tommytechno album 2017

tweak yhe caspa a techno and dance album by tommytechno 2017

Starting today with my new album “Tweak Yhe Caspa” a techno / dance album.

Tommytechno a Swedish music producer who experiment with different genres.
Started to produce music in 2015 just for fun, but it was the start of tommytecno and his music for online listeners.
Mix of different styles and genres to a good and simple song.
Genres>2step, artic dubstep, electro, post dubstep, techno, trance
Listen to a track on Soundcloud

Mobil: 076 – 292 76 90
Website: Go
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Soundcloud: Go


tweak yhe caspa a techno and dance album by tommytechno 2017

“tweak yhe caspa” a techno and dance album by tommytechno 2017

Colder then ice

Colder then ice a dance tune by tommytechno trance/techno sound.
Cd cover by tommytechno 2016, musik by tommytechno 2016.