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Amuse app
The Swedish music company Amuse has released its new app.
The app is built up of algorithms to find maybe your hit.
If you do not have a contract with any music company, this app can help you.
Uploading music on Amuse costs nothing but is free, you can keep
Rights and royalties yourself. The idea is that Amuse identifies talent
and then offere you a record contract.

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About cd covers, website and distribut music

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If you’re a band or new musicians  on the way i will give you advice  for free!

just share my website or follow me on Spotify easy!

I get requests, if I want to listen and share my opinion about bands or musicians in general.
And of course I have an idea of what you are doing and if the music is good or not.

It´s easy to think your music is good if everybody who like you says yes and no criticism.

They lie ofcorse in a good way but it take a lot of steps to get to the top.
First, you must have a good lyric, and a goal to what you want with your songs and music in general.

It´s not easy
But you have to have a person who can make sure that you reach out to people, twitter, facebook and website, and then you have to have something to fill it with, so my tip to look for a relative or friend’s son who likes to take photograph / film and ask that they follow the band and make sure that you get some material to show outward on the web.

Advertising or buy twitter friends, or other stuff you can buy today it’s a lot out there on the Net!

Lots of bands
Today there are hundreds of thousands of bands that want to succeed, you’re one of them, make sure that you create your own style, do not hesitate to add little things to your equipment, like effects to the guitar maybe a little echo on the mic and let one of your member train his voice he can sing in the background gives more feeling to it.
People love it when they recognize something from a band they like ad a little!

Ok moore to come good luck! #thetommytechno 2017

Artist Verification Is Now Part of Spotify For Artists!
I want to become a certified artist on spotify how do i do that?
Do i need 250 followers no it´s available for all artist. No
Its now easier to become a member, and to have a Artist Verification> read moore and get verified today

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Example of help for you

Are you good at graphics or photo shooting, you can create your CD coverSize to be approved, for example, Spotify is about 3000 – 4000 pixels. Your own photographs and graphics, not naked, but otherwise everything will work.
To buy a domain don´t cost a lot today and webservers is cheap example is ilait, and to build a website in wordpress it´s easy today or you mabe have a kid or a friend who can build the website. The template cost is about 50 USD and it´s a lots of nice ones out there. If you whant help whit this i can help you cheap just to get started whit your own site and blog. Mail: If you would have other help whit example to distrubute your music on a label it´s not a problem i help you, i can fix all of this for you, cd cover, website, domain and other thing as well.

tommytechno on spotify and soundcloud 2017

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