Are your website Mobile Friendly?

In Sweden, there are thousands of companies that have websites with a best before date expiring ten years ago.

The last decade, people’s use of computers and mobile phones have undergone massive changes.
From a time where searching for information was made from stationary computers nowadays
the majority of all web browsing take place in mobile phones and tablets.

Orders and purchases carries out in real time by customers wherever they are.
The whole world is now the market where deals are made.

Swedish companies have a reputation for being at the front in terms of innovative solutions and daring use of new technology.
Therefore, it is now of paramount importance that the companies that want to be fighting for first place and increase their
profits also have websites that are adapted to the latest technology.

Google went out now and warned that after 21 April 2016 will give priority
to all websites that are mobile-optimized in terms RATING and SEO.

This means that all websites that are not updated or redesigned for this new format will end up further back on Google search.

Everyone knows what this means for your company.
Those who don’t appear on Google risks losing customers and will see their profits drastically decline.

Research Online have a goal. We want our customer to be winner in this competition of visibility.
Research Online use the latest technology in terms of mobile-friendly websites.

We are building a responsive website that works in both mobiles and tablets.
Our technicians that create your unique website has extensive experience in design and innovative solutions.

We have professional photographers who can make suggestions on the photos on the website as an
additional means that your particular website will stand out in the crowd.

We also offer video recording that can be outsourced and make the
website even more interesting.

Call us or mail us your contact details.

We will give you an offer you can’t refuse.

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